3 Toilet Warning Signs from Brevard’s Plumbing Pros

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While it might not be on your list of plumbing fixtures that you want to think about, there’s no denying the crucial role that the toilet plays in your home. Like with your water heater, shower, or kitchen sink, toilets should stand the test of time, serving your residence for many years. Yet, there are situations where a knowledgeable plumber from Brevard, like Anchor Plumbing Service, may need to assist with your loo, whether you’re located in Melbourne or elsewhere in Brevard County.

Signs You Need Plumbing Services for Your Toilet

Here are three telltale signs that it’s time to contact the experts to receive quality services for your porcelain throne.

Is It Wobbling?

When you install a toilet, sink, shower, faucet, or water heater, it’s safe to say that you don’t want any wiggle or wobble when the job is done. And when it comes to your toilet, a wobble can be a big sign that something isn’t right. The severity of your plumbing problem could range from a loose bolt to an undetected water leak that’s making your flooring unstable.

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A wobbly toilet can cause more issues besides leaking. The wax ring under your toilet may need to be replaced. This isn’t a task you should attempt single-handedly – if your toilet shifts, it’s time to call for pro plumbing of Brevard (that’s Anchor Plumbing Services!) to figure out the cause and get your bathroom back on track.

Is It Leaking?

Sometimes a little water on the floor is from a spill or an overly enthusiastic pet at the water bowl. But sometimes, it’s a little more serious – like a leak!

Whenever there’s a leak in your house or business, you’ll need pro plumbing work as soon as possible. When it comes to your toilet, it’s even harder to verify where the leak is coming from, and you’ll need a plumbing service business to help you out. There are five total seals that a toilet has, and any of them can fail and leak. In addition, the porcelain may be cracked and leaking.

To avoid a high water bill, call for residential or commercial plumbing services to see if it’s time to repair or replace your seals or toilet.

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Is It Flushing for No Reason?

What’s the opposite of a clogged toilet? A toilet that continues to fill and flush forever (or at least a very long time). This phenomenon, called a “phantom flush,” happens when the toilet bowl leaks and drops the water level – making it refill.

While most of the fixes for this issue are simple, you can always call a pro plumbing team to repair the issue quickly. Hiring a professional means that you’re guaranteed to find the problem and repair it quickly with an efficient, courteous plumber.

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