Common Causes of Clogged Household Drains

Ideally, the drains in your home near the Florida Institute of Technology should run quickly, allowing water to drain out quickly and completely. However, that’s not always the case, particularly if your home is older and the drains have seen several years of use. Clogs will happen even with new drains, though, and it can pay to know some of the most common causes of clogged household fixtures to help prevent calls making service calls to plumbers. Here are four of the most common issues you might face.


If there’s one thing that clogs up more drains in Brevard County and the rest of Florida than any other, it’s hair. This is particularly true in the tub or shower, but it can also happen in your bathroom sink, particularly if you brush your hair nearby, or shave over the sink. This issue can be exacerbated over time as more and more hair combines with soap scum and shed skin to form a sticky coating on the sides of the drain and pipes. Regularly cleaning hair out of your drain can reduce the number of times you need to call a licensed Brevard plumbers.

Foreign Objects

What parent hasn’t pulled a piece of LEGO out of the toilet and wondered what in the world their kids were doing? Foreign debris is a term that encompasses a very wide range of potential things, from children’s toys to feminine hygiene products and everything in between. The general rule is that nothing should be put down your drain but liquids. Anything else should go into the trash can. Of course, parents will need to be vigilant with little ones who love to toss things into drains and toilets. In a worst case scenario, Anchor Plumbing will need to handle the clog.


We touched on this previously, but let’s take a closer look at the situation. Gunk builds up on the inside of your drains and pipes, a lot like plaque in your body’s blood vessels. Over time, this slows the flow of water and can lead to clogging. This can be particularly insidious, as the buildup is so slow that it might be hard to even notice it. Regularly cleaning out the drain and reachable portion of the pipe can help, but it’s good to keep the phone number for trusted, licensed and local plumber handy just in case.


This one affects kitchen sinks primarily. If you pour any grease or fat down the drain, it will cool and harden. Over time, it will eventually close off the drain, but it can also cause clogging down the line, at any point in the pipes. Never, ever put any grease or fat down the drain. It should be poured out elsewhere, and then the pot or pan should be wiped with a paper towel before being washed.

These are just four of the common reasons for drains in your home to clog up. If you’re battling with pipes that seem to constantly clog, or you’ve found that a sink or shower is blocked, Anchor Plumbing can help.

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