Signs of a Hidden Plumbing Leak in Your Home

silver pipe leaking in home

Sometimes plumbing problems are easy to diagnose, like having no hot water or struggling with a wobbly toilet. But other times issues with our pipes aren’t so easy to recognize.

Hidden leaks can lead to higher water bills and damage to your home. It’s important to be able to recognize the signs of a leak in your household to protect your wallet and your home!

This month, we’re going to be checking out the top three ways that you can tell if there’s something fishy going on with your plumbing. If you ever suspect that you have a leak in your home, call a professional immediately to take a look at the issue!

The Problem with Leaking Pipes

ceiling water damage from leaky pipes

When water starts dripping in places it isn’t supposed to, it can lead to some major headaches for homeowners. Leaks can go undiscovered for weeks or month, leading to an estimated trillion gallons of water being wasted every year, according to the EPA.

By recognizing these three signs, you can keep yourself safe from the results of an undetected crack in the pipes. Higher water bills, damage to your home, and water waste can be easily avoided with one simple phone call to a plumbing professional.

Let’s look at the three main ways to recognize a leaking pipe.

kitchen sink leaking into a bucket

Water Damage on Walls or Ceilings

Often, leaks are apparent because they are out in the open (like a dripping faucet or water next to the toilet). But if there is a leak in the wall, then trouble will start with smaller signs.

Keep an eye out for water marks on the wall or little stains on the ceiling. When the wall or ceiling start getting discolored or sagging, it means that there is consistent, major water damage happening on the other side of the surface.

Long-term, water damage can lead to collapsed ceilings, mold remediation, bending walls, warped flooring, and more. Avoid major, costly repairs to your home’s infrastructure by handling water damage (and the underlying leak) as soon as possible.

Your Meter Keeps Running

When you shut off your home’s water, the meter should stop. Unlike your electric meter, water stops flowing completely when you aren’t using an appliance or fixture. But if you stop using water and your meter keeps ticking, then you have a leak somewhere in your home.

And the worst part? That leak is going to start driving up your water bills! Take care of it immediately to prevent paying more than you have to for your water.

Mold & Mildew Growth

woman looking at corner of room with mold

Every home has a little bit of mold in it, especially in Florida. Even the cleanest homes have to deal with small amounts of mold in the bathroom and kitchen.

However, you should be concerned if you experience an increased amount of mold or mold in other places in the house. Even in places with poor ventilation, mildew shouldn’t be a problem.

If you start seeing bacteria growth in unusual spots or smelling musty odors in other rooms, it’s time to bring in the pros.

Have a Leak? Call Anchor Plumbing!

If you start experiencing any of these three signs, then it’s time to call a professional plumbing service. Any homes or businesses in Brevard County can pick up the phone and call Anchor Plumbing Service, the county’s number one choice for reliable results and surefire solutions for all plumbing issues. We can handle hidden leaks and any other repairs or replacements for your space!

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