Is a Wobbly Toilet Bad? Bathroom Troubles

Worried About Toilet Wobbles

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Whenever something is a little off with our bathroom, whether it’s the toilet or the tub, it can be a little worrying. Problems with your toilet can range from harmless to horrible. So, where does a wiggly, wobbly toilet stand in the range of issues? When you’re sitting down to do your business and the toilet starts rocking, you’ll definitely be asking: is a wobbly toilet bad? The short answer is no, but don’t ignore it. A rocking toilet is unlikely to be a plumbing emergency, but it’s still something you need to fix.

What’s the Problem?

Most people don’t really know why their toilet seems to be coming loose from the floor. But they know it’s not normal. The first question to ask is where the toilet is wobbling. Is it the tank? You might want to check out this guide. Otherwise, your toilet is rocking at the floor. Usually, a loose toilet can be fixed by replacing the flange that sits beneath the toilet at the floor. However, this can be an intimidating task for someone who doesn’t want to remove the toilet. The best solution, in this case, is to call your local Brevard plumber for a quick, easy, and cheap fix!

Why You Need to Fix It

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Now, most of the time, a loose toilet isn’t going to harm you. It won’t impede your ability to use the toilet, and it’s not particularly dangerous. However, over time, a wobbly toilet that is ignored can progress into a much worse problem. The biggest concerns are a sewer gas leak or a water leak into your home. Both of these concerns are big enough that you’ll want to call a plumber before the problem progresses to the point that your home is damaged or your water bill skyrockets! While a rocking toilet doesn’t require an emergency call to your plumber, it does mean that you should be planning to fix it yourself or have a professional take a look soon.

If your toilet looks like it’s less than secure, it’s time to call a professional. With a quick and easy job like this, your local plumber will have your toilet troubles gone in no time! Avoid costly damages down the road with a quick fix now. Call Anchor Plumbing for the best service in Brevard and drive those toilet wobble worries away.

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