What You Should Know About Installing a New Bathroom Vanity

Home renovation is very popular today in Brevard County and While the kitchen is the most frequently remodeled room in the home, the bathroom is a very close second. Whether you’re updating an outmoded design, or finally getting rid of that eyesore décor, a new bathroom vanity can really help pull the entire design together. Anchor Plumbing can help ensure that the vanity, the sink and all the plumbing are installed correctly.

Choosing Your Replacement

It can be tempting to go with a completely different style and size of bathroom vanity than the one you’re replacing, but understand that this will increase the level of complexity a good bit. For example, if you decided to downsize from a larger vanity with a sink to a pedestal sink with no storage, you’ll definitely need the help of a local and experienced Brevard plumbers to ensure that everything lines up correctly. This is because you’ll most likely need to reroute the rough plumbing behind the vanity to fit the pedestal sink.

Measure the space where you’ll be installing the vanity to get the dimensions you can use for your replacement. Measure depth, width and length. Height should be measured as well. Based on these numbers, you should be able to choose the right replacement vanity.

Removing the Old Vanity

You’ll need to turn off the water and start disassembling the sink and vanity to make room for the replacement. Take care when doing this, as it can be very easy to damage the walls, as well as the plumbing to the back of the sink. Always double check that you’ve turned the water off before you do anything, though.

Once you’ve gotten the old vanity out of the way, check the flooring underneath. It’s possible that old, hidden water leaks may have damaged the subfloor, and you’ll need to make repairs before you can install the new vanity. If you’re going to replace the flooring in the bathroom as well, now’s the time to do that. It’s always easier to install vinyl or even tile without the vanity in the way.

The Faucet and Sink

Once your new sink and vanity have arrived, you’ll want to go ahead and install the faucet on the sink before you put it all together in the bathroom. This will save you from having to lie on the floor under the vanity, or fight with the pedestal to put the faucet in. As a note, our local Brevard plumbers can make this process a lot simpler and easier.

These are just a few of the things you’ll need to know about putting in a new bathroom vanity. Brightening up a dingy old bathroom can be relatively simple, but most will find that they need a little professional help along the way. Remember, the right plumber will actually be able to install the entire vanity for you.

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