5 Plumbing Tips For A Healthy Home

sink faucet being replaced

No matter where you live – house, duplex, or apartment – it’s important to pay attention to plumbing. Why? Good plumbing affects everything from your showers to how good your water (and ice cubes) taste! These five plumbing secrets are great for protecting your plumbing and making sure that you don’t accrue nasty bills, water damage, or repair work in your kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of your house. Even one of these secrets might be enough to save you money on your next visit from a local Brevard plumber.

1. Never, Ever, Ever Ignore a Leak

pipes leaking water

We’ve discussed this several times before. But we’ll never stop saying this: don’t pass up the first opportunity to investigate a leak. This save you money by preventing mold and water damage. It can also keep you from discovering a super-high water bill! A “leak” can be a puddle under the sink, an ever-running toilet, or a drippy faucet – anything that runs in a way that seems weird.

2. Use the Right Tools for DIY Projects

There are plenty of home projects that you can do yourself, from cleaning a p-trap to replacing part of a toilet. However, you want to make sure that you’re following a guide, researching your problem, and using the right tools for the job. Don’t skip over caulking something, using Teflon tape on joints, or replacing with the proper pipe. Using the wrong size, shape, or type of thing (whatever the thing might be!) can end up costly, lead to leaks, and require a professional to fix in the long run.

3. Watch Out for Pipes When You’re Working

pipes broken

Nailing up a painting? Cutting into drywall? Drilling anywhere? Double check you’re not about to puncture a pipe and cause yourself a huge headache. Supply and drainage pipes in your work area can cause a huge mess and be an expensive accident if you puncture them while you’re working in your house. Use a camera or a stud finder to make sure your walls are clear before you swing the hammer.

4. Say It With Us – Drains Are Not The Garbage

We discussed this a few weeks back, specifically when dealing with grease. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve received a call about a totally avoidable clog. Coffee grounds, fibrous veggie parts, bacon grease, hair, and “flushable” wipes can be devastating to your pipes. Even with a garbage disposal, you’ll want to double check what it won’t handle.

5. Rinse With Hot Water

sink with silverware

Brushing your teeth, rinsing plates, taking a shower, and other water-related activities can clog your drains over time. These activities send toothpaste, hair, food residue, and other gunk down to stick to the sides of your pipes. A quick tip to help this over time is to run clean, hot water (sometimes with dish soap) afterwards. It will prevent hair gel, etc. from creating difficult clogs in your kitchen and bathroom!

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