Remove Mineral Buildup on Faucets

For those with recently acquired homes or in areas with softer water, this article won’t be terribly helpful to you. But if you’re like me, and other people in Brevard, you’ll be happy to know that there is a solution to your grimy, cloudy, and white-caked faucet. Calcium buildup, or limescale, is white buildup on and around your faucet. Besides making your faucet look gross, it can also make your water flow odd and can stain. Plus, it can be a pain to get rid of if you haven’t done it before.

remove faucet calcium buildup

However, that’s what we’re here for. To remove calcium buildup from a faucet, you’ll need just a few items and a little bit of time (an hour to an hour and a half). So, break out your trusty vinegar and rags and get ready to clean those faucets!

What You Need

vinegar and bottle of vinegar for cleaning drain

Like we said, we don’t need you to get any kind of special tools for this quick project. In fact, you probably won’t even need to go to the store. Your main tool is a bottle of white vinegar (you won’t need the whole bottle), some rags or paper towels to soak with vinegar, and a sponge.

  • White vinegar
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Sponge or cleaning cloth
  • Optional: magic eraser, sandwich bags, and rubber bands

Get Started!

Like we said, this is mostly a waiting game. You’re going to use the vinegar to break down the white buildup. First, clean the faucet (soap and water is fine!). Then, soak your paper towels or rags in the vinegar and wrap them around the offending areas of the faucet so that the vinegar is touching and soaking everywhere the you want to be cleaned. You might need to secure the rags, so use your rubber bands or string for this.

After leaving the rags on for about an hour (or longer), you’ll be ready for the part that requires elbow grease. The buildup should come off pretty easily, but excessive buildup requires longer soaking AND scrubbing. Use a wet sponge to clean the faucet and scrub away the calcium. A magic eraser or additional cleaning supplies can be used for any tough stains or spots. Make sure to dry the faucet completely. However, the vinegar approach is usually enough for most households.

If you’re also worried about faucet buildup INSIDE the faucet, you can follow up with round two by attaching sandwich bags of vinegar to your faucets so that they are submerged for an hour. It’s just like cleaning the outside, but you’ll need bags instead of rags!

Struggling with Water Pressure?

A common problem in households that have severe calcium buildup is the problem of water pressure. Sometimes, the calcium buildup isn’t just ON your faucet. Sometimes, it also builds up inside of your pipes so that the water pressure is bad and acts like a clog (without a clog). In this case, you’ll need a professional to consult with you and take a look at your pipes for limescale buildup or other problems. If this is the case, give Anchor Plumbing a call for the best plumbing work in Brevard! We’re able to discover your issue and fix it on-time and on-budget!

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