Tips for Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal Replacement

Your garbage disposal has served you well. It’s lasted for years in your Brevard County home, allowing you to dispose of plenty of refuse. However, it’s now on its last legs. They don’t last forever, and it’s time to replace your aging unit. Other than working with trusted, licensed and insured Brevard plumbers for the installation, how do you go about choosing the right replacement unit, though? Actually, there are several considerations to make here.

Plumbing and Sewage Connections

The first and most important thing is to check that any replacement garbage disposals you’re considering are compatible with your current plumbing and sewage connections. If they’re not, you’ll either need to opt for a different model completely, or have licensed Brevard plumbers modify your plumbing and sewage connections. Obviously, it’s less expensive just to find a different garbage disposal model.

Sewer Type

While many homes are on city sewage, you might have a septic tank. This means you need to consider factors that won’t apply to those with city waste systems. For instance, you’ll need to make sure that the garbage disposal unit is actually rated for use with septic systems. Several models on the market use two-stage grinding technology to help reduce waste to the smallest particles possible before they’re sent to the tank, where they will decompose more quickly.

Features to Note

Once upon a time, a garbage disposal was a pretty basic, although handy, device. You turned the switch, and the motor came to life, grinding up food that could then be rinsed away. Today’s models come with a number of different possible features, and you’ll need to determine which of those matter most to you. For instance, there are models that feature anti-jamming technology to help prevent even tough debris from jamming up the machine. There are others that use auto-reversing grind technology to more thoroughly grind waste. Of course, each additional feature comes at an additional cost, so you’ll need to balance your desire for functionality with your budget.

Amount of Noise

Early garbage disposal units were incredibly loud. That’s changed today. There are models on the market that are almost completely silent, but they do cost more. If quiet matters to you, check the insulation level of the various models you’re considering, as well as the sound levels created (often denoted in dB).


Size is important for more than just the amount of waste that fits into the disposal unit. It also impacts the amount of room you have under the sink, so if you need plenty of storage space, you’ll need a smaller unit.

Finally, the best option might be to ask one of our plumber at Anchor Pluming which garbage disposal systems they would recommend for your home and your water/sewage connections. Chances are they know the market pretty well and can make recommendations that will fit not only your needs and your setup, but your budget, as well.

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