4 Tips to Help You Uncover the Causes of High Water Bills

Paying bills is just a fact of life. However, no one wants to pay more than they have to, particularly when it comes to their water usage. If you’ve noticed that your water bills are higher than usual, or higher than they should be based on past years, there might be a hidden problem that’s costing you. Here are several important tips to help you uncover the causes of high water bills in your Malabar home.

A Hidden Pipe Leak

In most homes, water pipes are tucked away out of sight. They’re generally in the floor, but depending on the age and the type of home you have, they might be in the walls and even the ceiling. Leaking pipes can cost you a lot of money over time, and they can be very hard to spot simply because the pipes are out of sight. If you suspect that there’s a water leak, make sure to check under the home in the basement, in the crawlspace, or above in the attic if your pipes are routed through the ceiling. Use a flashlight to spot signs of moisture. any reputable, licensed and insured Brevard plumber, including Anchor Plumber can also help you determine the source of leaks.

Leaking Faucets

It’s become almost a cliché, but leaking faucets are more than just an annoyance. They can cost a lot of money over time in high water bills. However, of the many potential issues, they’re one of the easiest to deal with. Call Anchor Plumbing to fix or replace your leaking faucets.

Toilet Leaks

Toilets can develop leaks over time, particularly with the flapper seal. However, the fill valve can also be a source of hidden water usage. Water might be leaking from the tank into the bowl, or the tank could be filling up and the excess water exiting through the overflow tube. Anchor Plumbing can inspect your toilet for hidden leaks and repair or replace defective parts.

Underground Leaks

Water is fed into your home from the municipal supply, which means it comes from the outside. It’s routed into your home through underground pipes, and these can be susceptible to damage. A qualified plumber will be able to spot telltale signs of outdoor underground leaks. These include wet spots in the yard when it hasn’t rained recently, as well as a hissing sound from the shutoff valve when the water in your home is not in use.

These are just a few of the many possible reasons for higher water bills. The cause may not actually be a leak, though. It could be related to anything from running too many partial loads of laundry to watering your yard more frequently. The best option is to work with reputable and licensed Brevard plumbers to uncover the actual cause and get it repaired immediately.

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