What You Need to Know about Sewer Jetting

When it comes to cleaning plumbing and clearing blockages, chances are good that you’re familiar with a few common tools. Obviously, the humble plunger is perhaps the most common such tool, followed the plumbing snake. However, there are many others that Brevard plumbers may use within your Viera home, including a sewer jet. What’s sewer jetting all about?

High-Pressure Cleaning

Some jobs are simply too much for hand tools to accomplish. Sometimes, gunk and deposits can build up to such an extent within a home’s plumbing that the only way to really clear everything away and get the sewage system back in working condition is a thorough cleaning. That can’t be done with a snake, or any other type of hand tool. In these situations, Brevard plumbers will employ a sewer jet.

A sewer jet is pretty similar to the pressure washer you use to clean your home’s siding. It works on the same principle. The jet is connected to your water supply, and a motorized pump then pressurizes the water so that it can be sprayed out. The pump and motor are connected to a series of hoses, and the jet also includes a number of different nozzles for different uses.

The initial nozzle will be chosen for pipe penetration. This is generally to help loosen debris or a blockage. Next, a different nozzle will be used to create a new spray pattern, one that can blast water through the gunk lining the sewer pipe and help flush it all out. The high pressure created by the jet ensures that debris is loosened and removed from the sides of the pipe, but also provides enough strength to move all the accumulated debris down the line and into the main sewer system outside your home.

A forward-facing jet is used to penetrate the blockage, including roots that might have penetrated the pipe, and then a rear facing jet is used to clean the debris from the sides of the pipe.

When Do You Need Sewer Jetting?

Sewer jetting is necessary in many different situations. For instance, homes and businesses where roots have penetrated the sewer line benefit from jetting. Another example is to clear clogged grease lines at a restaurant, or a storm sewer line. They can also be used to clear blockages in corrugated septic field lines and for many other situations.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

You’ll find there are some sewer jetting tools available as attachments for most pressure washers, and it can be tempting to go the DIY route here. However, that’s not necessarily the right option. It’s very easy to for someone without considerable experience to get a jet line stuck in piping, or to cause damage through incorrect use. It’s a better choice to hire professional Brevard plumbers for this job.

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